Photo Gallery

These are the best images as entered by Club Members from the Nelspruit Photographic Society.

There are a set subject for every month and also other categories that could be entered.

a Total of 6 images are allowed to be entered every month for judging.

The judging system works according to the guidelines form the Photographic Society of South Africa (PSSA)

Categories for entries:

 Colour Nature- CN

 Mono Nature- MN

Colour Open - CO

Mono Open - MO

Colour Set Subject - CS

 Mono Set Subject - MS

Prints - Pr

Only photos awarded 12 points and more according to the judging criteria is being displayed in the Photo gallery.
12 Points - Gold for all Star categories
13-15 Points - Awarded Certificate of Merit (COM) for all Star categories
Monthly Photo Entries for judging to be submitted through Photo Vault.
See Calendar for closing dates on monthly entries

Best Images for 2017

"Charleston Males" by Renata Ewald (5 Star)
14 (COM)
Best in Colour Nature - April 2017
Best in section - Senior Photographer for April 2017

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